Commercial Law

Commercial law

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A good contract is a contract that, after signing, no longer needs to be dealt with. However, in case of disputes, it should provide a solution.
To this end, it is fundamental to contemplate and negotiate all essential aspects of the parties’ business relationship and anticipate all possible difficulties.
The contract editor’s job is to ask the right questions in order to formalize the project in a rigorous legal logic, inspired by his understanding and experience.



Negociation et Drafting

Some examples of contracts we usually draft in French and in English :

•    Distribution contracts: selective or exclusive distribution, franchise, deposit, consignment
•    Sales contracts
•    Supply contracts
•    Commercial agent contracts
•    Manufacturing contracts
•    Agreement or assignment of intellectual property rights
•    Sports Sponsorship Contracts
•    Confidentiality agreements
•    Various commercial agreements (cooperation, joint venture, etc.)
•    Term loan
•    Commercial leases

Litigation of Contracts

A party who breaks a contract in an unjustified or brutal manner may have to pay major compensations.
We intervene preventively by advising our clients on the most appropriate way to prevent and resolve conflicts at every stage of the contractual relationship, including at its termination.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase

The formulation and updates of general terms and conditions are extremely important. They are mandatory and the disregard of certain compulsory clauses is often sanctioned by administrative penalties.
Their writing settles the whole operating process of the contractual relationship between a company and its customers or suppliers. It often clarifies and improves the relationship and it makes the company aware of its legal obligations. In case of dispute, it simplifies a lawyer’s work.

Economic Regulations

Companies are governed by common rules as well as other rules specific to their activity.
They too often are unaware or neglect these rules which exposes the companies to real risks and significant dangers that could easily be avoided.
It is better for a lawyer to act preventively than after, once a regulation has been violated. It will be a gain of time and money for the company.

Competition and Consumer Law

Like many other countries, the French economy seeks for economic prosperity through healthy competition. Competition is in theory free. Nevertheless, the legislator intervenes to ensure fair and balanced competition that does not impact negatively the consumers. Thus, the economy is governed by many regulations and principles to maintain a fair balance between potentially conflicting interests. By initiating appropriate actions, the lawyer plays a key role in preventing complex and costly situations.

Debt Recovery

We will always favor the most appropriate method on a cost-effectiveness basis, after taking into account all the following parameters: value in dispute, urgency, the nature and the more or less questionable character of the claim.